There are more joysticks coming up that are ready for the DUJA but I do not sell.

Madcatz F.L.Y5 -                                       Thrustmaster

  can be dismantled for travel                                                   very solid

 has many functions in thumb area                                      two large button fields

 two levers                                                                                         higher resolution

top buttons technically vulnerable                                     change to right or left hand

has a handy wheel  (head )  + -                                               lightens when it passes the  centre


                           T. FLIGHT STICK  X

This 8 bit Joystick  Is a smaller version of the TM1600. It has almost the same size but a smarter design. The buttons are smaller but numbered, cleverly arranged. There is only one slider , not so fluent, but the transitions of the sticks are fantastic smooth. It is joyful tool and has a fair prize to be that stick for most playing.